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Colombia - Inmaculada - Coffea Eugenioides T680

Colombia - Inmaculada - Coffea Eugenioides T680

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Tastes like: Papaya, guava, green tea, jasmine, mango, lactic attributes, sweet cereal milk, low acidity, and exceptionally low bitterness due to low caffeine. 

Farm: Finca Inmaculada

Farmers: Julian Holguin Ramos

Region: Valle del Cauca 

Altitude: 1900 - 2000

Specie: Coffea Euginoides

Process: Natural

Roast: For filter

Net Weight 250gr

Story: Eugenioides is a very difficult coffee to grow, yielding only 150 grams per tree of unmilled coffee. It contains about half the caffeine of Arabica coffee, which causes the coffee to have almost no perceived bitterness. The defining characteristic of this coffee is its wild, almost unbelievable sweetness. It has a compelling lack of citric acidity that we are so used to in a coffee, presenting a whole new perspective on what coffee can be. Interestingly specialty coffee has honed in on just one species, Coffea Arabica, as the species that has become synonymous with specialty coffee. Over 100 species of coffee have been described, and Eugenioides is hailed as a progenitor of modern-day Arabica.

An abandoned coffee specie that challenge what we know as coffee today, and unlike anything we’ve ever tasted. Coffee Eugenioides is one of Arabica’s unique and tasty parents. This natural processed Eugenioides was rescued and cultivated by Finca Inmaculada in Pichinde Colombia situated at 1900-2000 MASL on the easternmost part of the Northern Andes. Eugenioides got its own unique brand of flavors. This is truly a rare coffee and worth the adventure. Indigenous to the highlands of East Africa, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and western Tanzania. It has a really low caffeine content, so there isn’t bitter cup of this coffee. It’s so sweet and easy to drink and has a completely amazing flavor— that sweetness combined with knowing you’re tasting something unique makes it better.

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