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Inmaculada Sudan Rume - Colombia

Inmaculada Sudan Rume - Colombia

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Cultivar: Sudan Rume

Process: Signature Natural

Taste Notes: Port wine, tangerine, sweet baking spices, floral honey,

mango, and vanilla 

40 grams

Discovered in 1940, the Sudan Rume is a variety
of the arabica coffee that was once found in a wild state in the forests
of the inter tropical mountains of Marsabit in the Boma Plateau in Africa,
in the south east of Sudan. This variety is known to be
resistant to the coffee cherry disease.

It's an exceptionally rare coffee with a beautiful flavor profile.
As its name suggests, the varietal was discovered in the country of Sudan
near its border with Ethiopia. As the harvest can be incredibly small,
this coffee is a classic case of quality over quantity.

Its yield is medium, and the beans are large and long.
The sweet spice, tea- like, and floral characteristics offers an insight
into the pristine character of this uncommon culfivar,
an experience unlike any other specialty coffees today.
The Sudan Rume variety is unique in number of ways, It's is a very fragrant coffee.

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