our story

If you're into coffee (like, really into coffee), you already know that specialty coffee is different, and you appreciate the variances in flavour between beans from different origins: altitudes and processing methods.

Founded by AHMAD AL KAITOOB in 2020. He had a passion for coffee from a young age as he was raised in an Emirati family that is lovers of Arabic Coffee. It was served in people’s homes and in their yards, amongst friends and strangers. The scent is familiar and resilient; it endured down through generations. Upon Ahmad's first visit to Norway and ever since trying specialty coffee, Ahmad wanted the people of his home country to try a unique confluence of fine specialty coffee and masterful design that aims to enrich, enlighten, and elevate the coffee experience.

We take great pride over where and how we source our coffee beans, acquiring from ethical partners and often traveling ourselves to the source to meet the farmers and help them, help us ensure a great coffee bean to roast to perfection.

Roast story is a space in which friends and families can get together to enjoy our coffee while feeling like they are at their homes away from home. We aim to deliver a story in every cup.