Ethiopia - Worka Chelichele

This coffee is truly one of the finest gems we found in Ethiopia. What makes this coffee really cool, is that it doesn't taste like your typical Ethiopian coffee, but instead resembles taste notes of coffees grown in the volcanic terroirs of Panama.

At above 1,970meters above sea level, this Ethiopia Chelichele underwent an experimental process done by various small holder farmers at Worka Chelichele washing station. A special Anaerobic process was applied to this coffee, through a sealed, oxygen-less environment that encourages specific microbial interactions, resulting in bright, fruity Naturals with complex acidity. 

Important thing to note though, is that as a result of the cupping session of this coffee, we realized it to be a balanced coffee, even though the acidity of this coffee are indeed complex. An in-depth description of the taste notes, would be a brightly fruity coffee at hotter temperatures (strawberry jam and kiwi) as the coffee cools down the acidity begin to pivot to towards (white pomelo and melon)

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